Digital circuits
Logic circuit


IC used : 
7400,   7476,   74HC191 and   74LS02

Binary Number System

Logic gates

Logic gates  
Diode-Resistor Logic (DRL) Resistor-Transistor Logic (RTL)
NAND a universal gate NOR a universal gate
Multi Input Gates

OR gate

Three-input OR circuit Logic "OR" with LED Display
RTL OR gate DTL OR gate
TTL OR gate TTL OR enable circuit
Transistor OR gate C-MOS OR gate

AND gate

AND circuit with three inputs Logic "AND" with LED Display
RTL AND gate DTL AND gate
TTL AND gate TTL AND gate with three inputs
TTL NAND enable circuit TTL AND enable circuit
Transistor AND gate C-MOS AND gate
C-MOS 3 inputs AND gate C-MOS 4 inputs AND gate
AND/OR circuit using op amplifier (AOP)  
An inverter circuit RTL inverter
TTL inverter C-MOS inverter
Using the NOR gate TTL NOR gate
DTL NOR gate C-MOS NOR gate
C-MOS 4 input NOR gate C-MOS 4 input NOR gate II
DTL Exclusive OR gate TTL XOR gate
Transistor XOR gate C-MOS XOR gate
XOR gate using op amplifier (AOP) Jam Circuit
NAND gate Special NAND gate
Logic "NAND" with LED Display DTL NAND gate
C-MOS NAND enable circuit A one-shot NAND gate
3 or 4 inputs NAND gate NAND gate using op amplifier (AOP)
Logic NOR Circuit (Part 1) Logic NOR Circuit  (Part 2)
Logic "NOR" with LED Display NOR gate using op amplifier (AOP)
De Morgan's theorem
Logic gate - Truth Tables
Logic gates - Variants  
La miniaturisation avec en exemple un BCD (Décimal codé binaire / binary-coded decimal)
Buffer (Amplifier)
TTL buffer RTL buffer
C-MOS buffer  
How a multivibrator Works Transistor Flip-Flop Circuit
A "one shot" multivibrator TTL tone generator
An R-S flip-flop  
Flip-Flop with LED Display Flip-Flop  with LED Display / lamp

Multivibrator switching of led display

TTL R-S Flip-Flop 1 TTL R-S Flip-Flop 2
C-MOS R-S Flip-Flop C-MOS R-S Flip-Flop II
C-MOS J-K Flip-Flop R-S-T flip flop
One shot TTL Transistorized toggle flip-flop
NAND toggle flip-flop J-k toggle flip-flop
TTL astable multivibrator Be your own multivibrator
C-MOS astable multivibrator C-MOS latch
TTL j-k flip-flop I T type flip flop
TTL D flip-flop TTL j-k flip-flop II
C-MOS D flip-flop C-MOS D flip-flop II
Transistor timer with TTL Touch switch using NAND gate
Half adder D-latch
Winking LEDs I Winking LEDs II
Leapin' LEDs I Leapin' LEDs II
Buzzin' LED Son of buzzin' LED
Set/reset buzzer 1 Set/reset buzzer 2
Set/reset buzzer 3 Whistle generating circuit

Selector et Register

Shift register TTL data selector
TTL line selector TTL latch circuit
Switching circuit C-MOS line selector
C-MOS data selector 2-line to 4-line decoder
Selector TTL (AND, NOR, NAND) Multiplier
Dual 2-input multiplexer Binary adder circuit
3 to 8 Decoder / Demultiplexer 3 to 8 Decoder with timer
4 to 16 line Decoder / Demultiplexer 4 to 16 Decoder/Demultiplexer with Timer_LED
5 to 32 line Decoder 74HC138 5 to 32 line Decoder 74HC154
8 to 3 Line encoder 16 to 4 Line encoder
32 to 5 Line encoder Four bit logic state comparator
Electronic / Électronique  
Basic counter circuit Synchronous counter
Asynchronous counter Counter with line decoder
Divide by 4 counter Divide by 4 counter with line decoder
How a line decoder works Multiple counter
Binary counter with display Divide by 3 counter with display
Divide by 4 counter with display Binary counter with display 0-99
Idiot Circuit Multiplier
Down counter Up/down counter
Decade down counter 4 x 7 seg Countdown Timer
Dual 2-input multiplexer  
Decade down counter with display Presettable counter
Hexadecimal counter Octal counter
Random access display Decade counter
BCD counter with display Octal counter with line decoder
Octal counter with display BCD to 7-segment decoder
Decade counter with display Decade counter with display II
VCO by nor gate Pulse-delayed circuit
NAND gate tone generator Noise-signal discriminator
Pulse stretcher Bidirectional buffer
Various inverters Electronic switch
Tone burst generator Digital timer I
Ten count buzzer Digital timer II
Press first Target Range
Hexadecimal counter 2 Catch the eight
S.O.S. Alert NAND/NOR and transistor switch
Majority logic gate Set/reset match
Edge-trigger circuit Memory backup circuit
Quiz winner detector  
Electronic / Électronique  







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