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Operational amplifier
IC used in this circuits NE5532

Handbook of operational amplifier applications  
Comparator Basic Increase in DC Voltage
Constant-Current Source Integrating Circuit
Schmitt Trigger Circuit Noninverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier
Inverting Two-Power Supply Amplifier Noninverting Single-Power Supply Amplifier
Two-Power Supply Differential Amplifier Tone Mixing Amplifier
Power Amplifier Using Operational Amplifier Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit
Operational Amplifier Buzzer Burglar Alarm
Hand-Operated Sweep Oscillator Falling Bomb Sound
Emergency Siren First Aid Siren
Musical Tempo Generator Operational Amplifier Winking LED
LED Flashing Light Two-LED Winker
One Shot Light LED Initials
Wake Up Siren Voice-Activated LED
Logic Tester Alternating Current Sound
Light Control Sound Circuit Sound Alarm Circuit
Study Timer Kitchen Timer
Three-Input AND Gate Using Operational Amplifier Voice Level Meter
Power-On Reset Circuit Delayed Timer
Pulse Frequency Doubler White Noise Generator
DC-DC Convertor with Operational Amplifier Dark Sensor LM358
Operational Amplifier Radio  
LM324 / BA10324
Electronic candle Voice level meter
Silicon diode solar cell Integrating circuit
Astable multivibrator using op amplifier Pulse generator
Comparator Experiment of comparator
Comparator with hysteresis Constant current source by op amplifier
Non-inverting adder Schmitt trigger circuit
Delayed timer Pulse frequency doubler
Pitch doubling circuit Pitch doubling circuit II
Touch switch using op amplifier Early bird
Inverting amplifier Non-inverting amplifier
Differential amplifier Differential output amplifier
Power amplifier using op amplifier Balanced transformerless amplifier
Three-stage differential amplifier Vco using op amplifier
LED Voltmeter Power on reset circuit
A rectifier circuit by diode bridge Agc circuit using a single transistor
Upper/lower limiter circuit using op amplifier Absolute value amplifier
Window comparator Window comparator II
Two-IC electric organ Sound machine IV
High-power switch Voltage controlled amplifier
Simple mobile detector circuit V-F converter
Vumètre 02 02 F-V converter F-V converter II
Car battery voltmeter 01 Car battery voltmeter 02
White noise generator Sweep generator
Multiple-function IC project Sound alarm
A sound of ripples Photo organ
Salinity tester Automatic Door Bell With Object Detection
Sawtooth wave oscillator Three phase oscillator
Wien-bridge oscillator  
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