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100Hz-1kHz ramp-rectangle generator with variable slope-M-S ratio
Square wave generator with variable M-S-ratio and frequency
50Hz-1,5kHz lamp-stabilized Wien Bridge oscillator 100Hz-1kHz triangle-square function generator
Basic relaxation oscillator circuit Crystal Oscillator 1MHz-To-20-MHz
Crystal Controlled Oscillator Crystal controller multi vibrator
Crystal Oscillator 1-10MHz using inverter gate 74LS04 Crystal Oscillator 02 74LS04
Crystal Oscillator 03 74LS04 Crystal Oscillator 04 2N3904
Diode-regulated 150Hz-1,5kHz Wien Bridge oscillator Electronic Canary 01
Electronic Canary 02 Electronic Canary 03
  Improved 500Hz-5kHz square wave generator
LM386 Square wave oscillator Simple Function Generator LM324
Simple long duration timer Simple manually-triggered bistable 01
Simple manually-triggered bistable 02 Siren 02 (variable siren)
Symmetrical Harmonic Oscillator Variable frequency narrow pulse generator
Three decade 15Hz-15kHz Wien Bridge oscillator Four-decade, 2Hz-20kHz, square wave generator
Wien bridge oscillator CA3140 Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (VCO) 4046
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator 02 (VCO) 4046 4046 oscillator 01, LM324
4046 oscillator 02, 4017 Sawtooth wave oscillator
Wien-bridge oscillator Three phase oscillator
Ramp wave generator Digital sine wave generator
Frequency-variable sine wave generator Sine wave oscillator using D-A converter
RC phase-shift oscillator Two sine waves with different phases
One-shot multivibrator using IC 555 One-shot multivibrator using J-K FLIP-FLOP
One-shot multivibrator using op amplifier Sound effect generator circuit using CD4040
LM358 synthetiser (Or LM1458, LM741)  
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