Fun circuits

Electronic Dice Electronic Dice 2
Leapin' LEDs Electronic Dice 3 (0-9) Electronic dice 4
Christmas tree Delay timer improved circuit
Quick draw game I Quick draw game III
UFO invasion The noisy light
Digital rhythm The big ear
Even or Odd Electronic Coin Toss I
Sound machine I Electronic Coin Toss II
Sound machine II Electronic Coin Toss III
Sound machine III Horror movie sound effects
Digital Ping-Pong 1 Digital Ping-Pong 2
Digital Ping-Pong 3 The big ear
Meet the VCO Electronic roulette
SOS Alerte Emergency alarm
Digital roulette Roulette with sound
Digital roulette II Marching leds
BCD to 7 segment display diagram Wheel of fortune
Esp tester Close-in Close-in II
Light or sound Be your own multivibrator
Anticipation 1 2 inputs alarm
Sound Stop Game Multivibrator switcher
A phony counter? Sound out timer
Alphabet flasher Octave generator
Crossing signal Digital timer
Optical counter Shot in the dark III
Set/reset match Shot in the dark IV
Press first The light fantastic
Shooting game Multi-tone siren
Digital rhythm II Player organ
Reflex nerve test game Shooting game II
Number displays Sound quiz
Stop the seven "Lockout, mr. Blackbeard!" game
Russian roulette Mole hitting game
"Janken" game Solar Tracking System
Twi-light using white LEDs Electronic Sundial (15 minutes)
Temperature controlled Fan Password Door Lock 4017
Termometer LM35, LM3914 Light activated LED








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