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The Electrosonic Human

An electrosoniwhatsis human???

Relax ... the title of this Project is just a fancy way of telling you that this circuit is similar to the one in Project The Electric Human  in Amplifiers Section but with one big difference, you hear when electricity is flowing through your body, not just see it on the Meter.

You use this Project just like the last one, grip the exposed ends of the long wires and squeeze them tightly. The sound you hear from the Speaker will change as the amount of electricity flowing through your body changes.

This Project can be used as a lie detector just like Project The Electric Human (although here the Control changes the tone of the sound from the Speaker). You might want to compare the two circuits and see which one is best at catching fibbers!

You can also use this circuit to see how well other things let electricity flow through them. Try such things as spoons, coins, different packages, furniture, etc. Make notes of things that let electricity flow well and those that don't.








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