The noisy light

Some things go out with a bang... others with a whimper... but this Project just goes pop!

When you finish wiring this Project, press and hold down the Key.

LED 1 on the front panel will light up. Keep holding down the Key, and LED 1 will go out.

You'll hear a "popping" sound from the Speaker when this happens.

But keep holding the Key down and something interesting happens... the LED will light back up!

It will briefly stay on and" will go out again, making another "pop" as it goes out. This will continue over and over as long as you hold the Key down.

The Project uses a multivibrator circuit. Multivibrator circuits let us switch things (like the LED in this Project) on and off electronically. They're also used in many of the digital electronics circuits.

We'll talk more about multivibrator circuits later. For now, can you guess how this type of circuit got its name?
(Here's a hint - how many different things does this circuit do??)

Make a note of your guess... later we'll see how close you come to the truth.








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