Light or sound


Flip-flop circuits can be used in game circuits since there's no way to tell if the flip-flop circuit is set or reset just by looking at it. Trying to outwit a flip-flop circuit can be frustrating ... as this Project will demonstrate.

You can see how this circuit works by looking at the schematic. You set or reset the flip-flop using the first Select Switch.

The Q- and Q outputs are selected by the second Select Switch. Depending on whether the two outputs are 0 or 1, either LED 1 will light or the audio oscillator will sound when the Key is pressed.

To play with this circuit, set the Select Switch to either A or B as you build it, When you finish, turn the power ON.

Select A or B of the first Select Switch. Now set the second Select Switch to either A or B.

Press the Key what happens?

You either got a sound from the Speaker or LED 1 lit. Continue to hold the Key down and select the second position of the second Select Switch.

You'll see the opposite now happen if the LED is lit, it will go out and you'll hear a sound from the Speaker. This shouldn't too much of a surprise to you ... as you can see on the schematic, terminal S is the set input and terminal R is the reset input.

You can use this Project as a game by selecting S or R and then trying to figure out whether the LED will light or a sound will come from the Speaker.

What are the combinations of Q- and Q levels (0 or 1) and Select Switch positions to let each happen?








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