Electronic Dice 2

7400, 7476

Sometimes you'll be faced with decisions where there's six different choices. That's when this Project will come in handy it can randomly light one of six LEDs!

Take your time when building this circuit it's easy to make a mistake with so many connections.

Set the Select Switch to A. Now set the Control Knob to ON. You'll see LEDs 1 through 6 lighting faintly. Actually, these LEDs are blinking on and off in order but the speed is very, very rapid so you can't see them blinking.

Now set the Select Switch to B. Only one of the LEDs will remain lit. You can see the multivibrator circuit along with the R-S flip-flops and NAND gates. See Logics (Digitals) circuits

This is a counter circuit like we've mentioned in the past. Can you imagine how this circuit manages to count?

Take a good look at the schematic.....and it might help to review what we found out about R-S flip-flops back in Project Even or Odd. (Another hint -remember how multivibrators and NAND gates work too!) See Logics (Digitals) circuits

Be sure to make a note of how you think this circuit works. You might also want to see if this is a random circuit like you did with earlier Project.

Since there are more LEDs in this Project, you might want to use 100 trials instead of the 50 you used earlier.

Is this circuit truly random? Does changing the values of the 0.05 F capacitors affect the operation of this circuit in any way?








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