Blink an LED
Arduino UNO (Kuman UNO)
Électronique / Electronic


Vin = +9V bat whit on/off button
GND in = - of bat

GND Out to GND 220R
Pin 13 to +LED


Turn an LED on for one second, off for one second, and repeat forever.

void setup()
pinMode(13, OUTPUT);

void loop()
digitalWrite(13, HIGH); // Turn on the LED
delay(1000); // Wait for one second
digitalWrite(13, LOW); // Turn off the LED
delay(1000); // Wait for one second
/ Try changing the 1000 in the above delay() functions to
/ different numbers and see how it affects the timing. Smaller
/ values will make the loop run faster.
/ Other challenges:
/ * Decrease the delay to 10 ms. Can you still see it blink?
/ Find the smallest delay that you can still see a blink. What is this frequency?
/ * Modify the code above to resemble a heartbeat.







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