RF Signal generator

This project is an RF signal detector detuned, broadband. You can use it to find noise and RF interference sources and to check the antenna signals. It reminds us a Crystal Set Radio not tuned.

The 100 pF capacitor is selected for the input because it blocks DC and 60 Hz of the sector so that the circuit can be checked thoroughly safe shake. Of course, you never want to go voluntarily probe near high voltage unless you are looking for trouble yourself.

Never play with electrical energy.

There is a famous saying:

"There are some old technicians, and are bold technicians, but there are never old bold technicians."

Try to connect the probes between objects grounded and other metal objects that can serve as an antenna.

Notice that this circuit allows you to receive all kinds of AM signals same as all kinds of noises. For example, if you or one of your neighbours have a CB transmitter (Citizen band), you can hear these signals as long as they are sufficiently close to your RF signal detector.

Some of the sounds you can hear and will identify come from automakers ignition systems, intensity dimmers, fluorescent lights, switches, etc.








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