Modulated continuous wave Transmitter

The goal of this project is to build and operate a complete transmitter modulated continuous wave. Remember that the MCW code transmitters require the AM receiver is tuned to a weak station to be able to capture the beat note, or, a communications receiver were to be used with an oscillator incorporated beats.

All right, this transmitter emits a continuous wave modulated code signal. This allows you and your friends make calls anywhere on the AM band without interference from radio stations. Of course, the supply is low, then your friends will only be has few feet.

The RF oscillator part of this transmitter is on when the power is ON. The audio oscillator that the RF module is started and stopped by the key.

You want a piece of wire as an antenna to increase signal levels for a friend who is over 20 feet. If this is the case, connect it. To prevent you cause interference at you or your neighbors, use the antenna only when needed. Also, to be in order with the Ministry of Communications, you are limited to a short antenna.

The RF oscillator of the transmitter is modulated (actually started and stopped) by the audio voltage induced to the output winding of the input transformer. Both RF and AF oscillators are relatively "fine", then the receiver must be tuned carefully to find the signal of that transmitter.

The 50K control lets you change the audio tone to the desired height. Usually, fans and commercial code operators prefer a high tone. All you need now is a friend in the neighborhood who also has an assembly code and you're on the road. Have fun!








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