Triangle Shawl
Tricot / Knitting

This thick and cozy shawl is easy to make with a simple increase, made by knitting or purling into the front and the back of the first stitch in each row.

Because the variegated yarns contain some of the same colors, the color pattern you create is subtle from close up, almost blending together, but then when you stand back you can see the changing stripes.

If you donít want to bother with working the border edging, which can be cumbersome with the three long double pointed needles, you can just continue with the increases at the edge, working in the color pattern until the shawl is as large as you choose.

Finished measurements 60" wide by 40" from center top to bottom point.

Materials list

Ten 55 yd. skeins of bulky weight variegated yarn, 4 light, 3 medium, 3 dark.

Size 13 needles, 3 pair 32" circular (you will only need one pair if you are making the shawl without a border.)

Stitch markers


In stockinette stitch, 91.2 sts and 13 rows = 4".

Yarn used for samples shown Lion Brand Yarnís Landscapes (50% wool/50% acrylic, 55 yd., 1.75 oz.),

colors: 4 skeins of #273 Spring Desert, 3 skeins each of #277 Country Sunset and #279 Deep Sea.


To increase at the beginning of the knit row, knit into the front and the back of the first stitch.

To increase at the beginning of the purl row, purl into the front and the back of the first stitch.

Repeat color sequence three times from bottom to top.


Beg with the dark yarn, CO 1 st.

Row 1: Inc - 2 sts.

Row 2: Inc, p1 - 3 sts.

Row 3: Inc, k2 - 4 sts.

Row 4: Inc, p3 - 5 sts.

Row 5: Inc, k4 - 6 sts.

Row 6: Inc, p5 - 7 sts.

Row 7: Inc, k6 - 8 sts.

Row 8: Inc, p7 - 9 sts.

Row 9: Inc, k8 - 10 sts.

Row 10: Inc, p9 - 11 sts.

Continue increasing one st at the beg of ea row while working the following color pattern 3 times:

3 light
1 medium
1 dark
2 light
1 dark
1 medium
2 light
4 medium
3 light
3 dark
1 medium
1 light
1 dark
1 medium
5 light
3 dark
2 medium
1 dark

Do not bind off.


Using the other two circular needles and the light colored yarn, pick up 102 sts along ea of the sides, placing stitch markers at each of the three corners before the center stitch.

Working in the round with the light colored yarn, knit 7 rounds, increasing one stitch in the stitch before and after each corner stitch. Change to the dark yarn and knit one round with no increases.

Purl one round. BO, weave in ends.








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