Starting a New Color

The first technique you need to know in color knitting is how to add a new color.

Whenever possible, try to add a new color of yarn at the beginning of a row.

This way you donít distort your fabric when weaving in your yarn tails, and if your project is pieced, it is easy to hide the tails in the seams.

Of course, depending on the knitting pattern, you may need to use a more specific technique to start a color within a row.

However, for many simple color patterns, you just begin to knit.

To start a new color of yarn at the beginning of a knit row:

Drop the old color, insert your right-hand needle into the first stitch of the row as if you are about to knit, grab the new yarn, and use it to knit the first stitch.

Always begin and end every yarn with at least a 6"/[15cm] tail.

Otherwise, the piece of yarn wonít be long enough to weave in sufficiently.








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