Plymouth yarn




10 cm
Aig. Meters Gramm
Encore Mega 75% Acrylique
25% Laine
Super Bulky 8 -- 10 59 100

Encore Mega- 1-100g ball any color.

Assorted amounts (10 yards or so of each of 2-3 novelties.

Finished Size:

About 60 long Cut entire ball of Encore Mega into 3-3.5 yard lengths.

You will have 15- 20 strands of yarn.

Add to that 6-9 strands ( same length) of a couple of novelties.

Some suggested novelties are Eros Extreme, Parrot, Jungle. Eros or Eros Glitz can also be used, just cut more pieces.

Holding all strands together, tie to a chair back, or door handle.

Divide the yarns into 3 groups and softly & loosely braid the strands until you near the end.

Tie into large knot and trim.

Untie other end from chair back and tie into large knot.

Trim. Finished length is about half starting length.

Wear as a belt or a scarf.








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