Fingerless Gloves





10 cm
Aig. Meters Gramm
Plymouth yarn
Baby Alpaca Grande
100% Alpaga Bulky
12 -- 6.5 mm
10.5 US
101 100

1- 100g hank of Baby Alpaca Grande


US 10 double pointed needles, or size necessary to obtain given gauge.


3 sts = 1 on a US 10 needle over cable pattern


K = knit P = purl sts = stitch(es)
make 1: place bar between lastst & next st onto needle, knit into back of it   k2tog knit 2 sts together

Fingerless Gloves:

With double pointed needles loosely cast on 27 sts.

Divide onto the 3 needles and join into the round, making sure not to twist the sts.

Work in k2-p1 cable ribbing pattern for 25 rounds.

Cable ribbing:

Round 1 & 2: *(K2, p1); repeat around.

Round 3: *(K2tog, but leave on needle, knit 1st stitch again, then slip both stitches from the needle together, p1); repeat around.

Repeat rounds 1-3 for cable ribbing pattern.

Thumb Gusset:

Round 1: Cable Rib 3 sts, place marker, make 1, k2, make 1, place marker, finish round in Cable ribbing as established.

Round 2: Work 1 round even in cable ribbing, working sts between the markers as knit sts.

Round 3: Work in cable ribbing to first marker, slip marker, make 1, knit to next marker, make 1, slip marker, cable rib rest of round.

Round 4: Work 1 round even in cable ribbing, working sts between the markers as knit sts.

Repeat last 2 rounds until there are 10 sts between the 2 markers: 35 sts.

Work 2 additional rounds even in pattern with no increases, still working sts between the markers as knit sts.


Cable Rib across to first marker, slip the next 10 sts onto a stitch holder or safety pin,

cast on 2 sts,

and continue in cable rib to end of round: 27 sts.

Working all sts in cable ribbing as established, work the 27 hand sts for 11 rounds more.

Bind off LOOSELY in k2-p1 ribbing.

Reattach yarn to the 10 thumb sts at base of thumb.

Pick up 2 sts at base of thumb: 12 sts.

Work in st st for 1 more round.

Work in k2-p1 ribbing for 4 rounds.

Bind off loosely in k2-p1 ribbing.

Weave in all ends.

Make a second glove the same.








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