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Stockinette (or stocking) stitch
Knitting - Basic Techniques

When working back and forth in rows, stockinette stitch is worked by alternating knit-stitches and purl-stitches every other row, in circular knitting (see Casting ON), knit-stitch is worked every round.

The right side and wrong side of this fabric can be clearly distinguished. A surface with all knit-stitches facing is called stockinette stitch, and a surface with all purl-stitches facing is called reverse stockinette stitch. The lower edges will roll up toward the knit-stitch side.

Using the long-tail cast-on method, cast on stitches (see Casting ON), the cast-on stitches become the first row.
With wrong-side facing, purl (see Purl-stitch).
The second row is finished.
With right-side facing, knit (see Knit-stitch)
The sixth row is finished, wrong-side facing.
A view from the right side after turning the fabric of step 8.








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