Rib-stitch bind-off
Knitting - Basic Techniques

This method of binding off in pattern using a yarn needle maintains the elasticity of the ribbing.

Both single (1x1) rib and double (2x2) rib are worked in the same manner.

With the right-side facing, beginning at the right-hand side, insert the needle as if to knit the knit stitches and as if to purl the purl stitches.

Be careful to keep the tension of your bind-off yarn the same as the knitted piece. For the bind-off yarn, you’ll need a length about 3½ times the width of the piece.

Single-Rib Bind-off—flat (in rows) with 2 knit stitches on the right-hand edge, and 1 knit stitch on the left-hand edge
Stitch 1: Insert the needle as if to knit
Stitch 2: Insert the needle as if to purl.


Return to stitch 1, insert the needle in stitch 1 then into stitch 3 (the first purl-stitch); drop stitch 1 from the left-hand needle.

Return to stitch 2, insert the needle as shown into stitch 2, then into stitch 4 (a knit stitch); drop stitch 2 from the left-hand needle.
Insert the needle into purl-stitches 3 and 5. Continue across, working 2 knit-stitches (step 4), then 2 purl-stitches (step 5) alternately.
Finally, insert the needle into the last purl-stitch (second from the end) and bring it out through the last stitch.
With 1 knit-stitch on each edge
Insert the needle into stitches 1 (knit-stitch) and 2 (purl-stitch) as shown.
Return to stitch 1, then insert the needle into stitch 3 (the next knit-stitch) as shown.
Return to stitch 2, then insert the needle as shown into stitch 4 (purl-stitch). Continue across, end as in step 6 of the previous instructions.
Circular knit bind-off— rib-stitch bind-off for projects in the round
At the end of the round, insert the needle from into the last knit-stitch (2’) and then into stitch 1 (1).
Insert the needle at 1’ and then at 2 to join the round.








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