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Purl-stitch (reverse stitch) = purling
Knitting - Basic Techniques

Turn over the fabric begun on the facing page and hold it in your left hand; place the main yarn in front of the knitting needle. Insert the right-hand needle into the first stitch from back to front (see arrow).


Wrap the yarn over the right-hand needle as shown by the arrows (Continental method in Long-tail cast-on).
Pull the yarn down with the index finger of your left hand, and without letting the yarn wrapped over the right-hand needle loosen, pull a loop from front to back through the first stitch.
As you pull the loop through, drop the stitch from the left-hand needle.
The purl stitch is on the right-hand needle.
After purling 1 row.
If you make a mistake in wrapping the yarn
O = correct; X = incorrect








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