Other Tools
Knitting - Basic Techniques

Needle caps (point protectors)

When taking a break from knitting, put them on the tips of the needles so that the stitches won’t fall off.

Cable needles

When working cables, slip the stitches onto a cable needle to hold to the front or back as instructed.

Yarn-cutting scissors

Sharp, small, and lightweight scissors are handy to have.

Stitch holders

Use when temporarily removing stitches from the working needles.

Stitch markers (rings and split rings)

Use for marking where to work shaping, at the beginning of the round for circular knitting, or between stitch patterns to help you keep track of where you are.


When seaming 2 layers of knitting, use these to hold the pieces together so the fabric doesn’t slip.

Tape measure/ruler

Use to measure the stitches and rows for gauge. Also helpful to measure the length of a piece.








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