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Knitting - Basic Techniques

One or more stitches may need to be decreased to shape a project, perhaps 1 stitch at each side of a row for side, armhole, or neck shaping, or multiple stitches on each side for armholes or neck shaping.

Multiple decreases may be needed evenly spaced across a row or may be worked at specific places in the fabric, such as for darts.

See Symbolcraft for symbols and working instructions for knit 2 together (right-slant) and slip, knit, pass (leftslant) decreases.


Mirrored decreases, 1 stitch at the beginning and 1 stitch at the end of the row. 

Decreasing at the edge may be done in 2 ways depending on the look desired.

Method A shows the edge stitches facing (the edge stitches on top of the adjacent stitches).

Method B shows the adjacent stitches facing (the edge stitches under the adjacent stitches).

Method A Knit

Method A Purl

Method B Knit Method B Purl
Decreasing while maintaining edge stitch(es) 1 st
Decreasing while maintaining edge stitch(es) 2 sts
Binding off








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