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Crochet cast-on
Knitting - Basic Techniques

This cast-on method can be worked in 2 ways, either using the main yarn (the yarn that will be used for the rest of the project), or using waste yarn (provisional cast-on). If the main yarn is used, the cast-on stitches become the finished edge, if waste yarn is used, it is removed and the first row worked becomes the finished edge.


Make a loop at a place 2 to 3 in/5 to 6 cm from the yarn end. Pinch the intersection of the loop with the fingers of your left hand, and from the other side of the loop, insert the fingers of your right hand into the middle of the loop.
Pick up the upper yarn strand, and pull it out through the middle of the loop.
Holding the crochet hook in your right hand, insert it through the center of the loop and tighten the loop.
A slipknot has been made on the hook.
Wrap the yarn over your left index finger, and hold a knitting needle above the yarn.
Yarn over the hook and pull the yarn out in the direction of the arrow, through the loop of the slipknot.
This is the first stitch. Return the yarn to the underside of the needle.
The yarn is in position under the needle.
Repeat steps 6 to 8.
Cast on the required number of stitches, minus 1.
For the last stitch (here, the eighth stitch), put the last loop pulled through by the hook onto the needle. This cast-on is not counted as a row!

Beginning the First Row
Work in Stockinette Stitch

Work Steps 1 to 9 on facing page (using waste yarn).
After making the required number of stitches, chain 1 and cut the yarn.
This cast-on is not counted as a row, as it will be removed!
First Row
Join main yarn
After knitting 8 rows of stockinette stitch, right-side facing.
Picking up live stitches from the provisional cast-on
With the wrong-side facing, pick up stitches while removing the waste yarn, with the right-side facing, work in pattern desired.
Pick up the first row of stitches with the needle while removing the waste yarn, 1 stitch at a time.
Turn the knitted fabric to the right side and work the first row. Knit the last stitch together with the yarn end as shown and the edge will be neatly finished.








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