The Turkish Cast-On
Tricot / Knitting

The Turkish cast-on (here made on a circular needle) allows to cast-on in the round, making a closed end. Longer is the needle, easier it will be.

Fig.1 - Make a slip knot.

Hold the needles parallel and wrap the yarn around both needles.
F i g. 2 - Each wrap makes 2 stitches (wrap 6 times for 12 stitches, 4 times for 8 stitches...) - Wedge the yarn in between the 2 needles.
Fig. 3 - Gently pull the needle on which you made the slip knot until all the stitches are on the cable and until you have enough lenght to knit the stitches with the other needle.
F i g. 4 - With the released needle, knit all the stitches.
Fig. 5 - Slide the knit stitches to the cable, and slide the stitches you have not knit yet on the needle in order to knit them now and turn the work.
Fig. 6 - Slide the slip knot and knit all the stitches on the needle.
F i g . 7 - The cast-on is done, now you can knit in the round with the same needle in magic-loop, or change to double pointed needles.








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