Fish for the Fish Lover

Isn't it funny how dogs and cats have been labeled? Dogs are known as meat lovers, and cats are notorious for loving fish, when in reality dogs also love fish and cats also love meat. the truth is that dogs are omnivores (eating meats and vegetables) and cats are carnivores (eating 90% meat). Nearly all cats love fish.

The problem is that cats can become "tuna junkies" when they are offered canned tuna on a regular basis—They don't want to eat anything else. (even veterinarians use this term.') in this chapter, you will find a variety of fish recipes to mix up your cat's diet so that she doesn't become a tuna junkie.

Cat Sole Surf and Turf (Fish and Greens) Kitty Tostadas
Salmon Mousse Tasha's Tuna Cakes Salmon and Sweet Potato





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