Cooking and Storing Foods in Bulk

I get many e-mails from radio listeners telling me that they are cooking for their pets two or three times a week and it is becoming a burden. I suggest setting aside 2 days a month for cooking; with proper storage and freezing you'll be in good shape. Almost all of the recipes in this book are very simple, and two or three can be made in a day.

I like to set aside 1 or 2 days a month for making stews or loaves and then freeze them so that I have a month's worth of food prepared. For example, I will take one Sunday a month and make one large stew recipe and one loaf recipe, so I'm using the oven and the stockpot or slow cooker at the same time. I store a week's worth of food in the refrigerator and freeze the rest. That way, I can alternate between stews and loaves from the freezer, my pets don't have to eat the same thing meal after meal, and I'm not cooking every day.

I have also discovered a vacuum-sealed food storage system called Seal-A-Meal, which makes freezing and storing a breeze. If you are going to purchase a few things for cooking for your pets, I suggest purchasing one of these.




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