Cape Cod Chowder

Makes 12 servings

While I was in college, I spent almost every summer on Cape Cod. I always anticipated that wonderful warm bowl of New England clam chowder. Even on a hot summer evening, this soup was just delicious. As I began thinking up recipes for cats, I realized that our feline friends would love this dish, too! As a general rule, clam chowder does not freeze well because the potatoes become mushy and the soup part of the chowder separates.

Professionally frozen clam chowder uses something called flash freezing, which freezes faster than your home freezer can. I suggest that you store any leftovers in the refrigerator in an airtight container for no more than 7 days.

2 x 10 1/2-ounce cans minced clams (or 3 x 6 1/2-ounce cans)
1 / 8 teaspoon corn oil
2 1/2 cups peeled and chopped potatoes
1 cup chopped corn
3 cups water
3 cups clam juice or fish broth
1 pound frozen haddock fillets
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 1/2 cups milk
3 tablespoons cornstarch
1 1/2 cups light cream
1/4 cup chopped fresh parsley, or 1 1/3 tablespoons parsley flakes
2 teaspoons dried fish flakes

1. Drain the clams, reserving the juice.

2. Heat the oil in a stockpot over medium-high heat. Saute the potatoes in the oil for 10 minutes; then add the
    corn and saute for another 10 minutes.

3. Add the water and clam juice or fish stock. If you don't have 3 cups of clam juice from the canned clams,
    supplement with bottled clam juice or canned fish broth.
    Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Add the haddock fillets, clams, and Worcestershire sauce. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat, cover, and simmer
    for 8 minutes or until the potatoes are fork-tender.

5. Remove the haddock and cut it into small pieces.

6. Slightly smash the potatoes with a fork.

7. In a small bowl, stir together the milk and cornstarch. Add the cream and then add to the potato mixture.
    Cook, stirring frequently, until thickened and bubbly.

8. Stir in the haddock. Return to a boil, reduce the heat, and cook for about 10 minutes, whisking frequently to
    prevent sticking.

9. Let cool, garnish with the parsley and fish flakes, and serve.

Dr. Kevin Says

It is a misconception that adult cats—or even kittens, for that matter—require a bowl of milk every day. In fact, many cats are somewhat intolerant of dairy and can easily get diarrhea from an overabundance of dairy products.




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