Kibbles and Casseroles

Kibble may seem boring, but feeding your dog kibble is important. Chewing hard, crunchy foods helps clean teeth and prevents tartar build-up and gingivitis, whereas wet food tends to sit between teeth. you don't want to omit kibble from your dog's diet.

Making homemade kibble may sound difficult, but once you've tried these recipes, you will see that it's not difficult at all. the main thing to remember about making your own kibble is that you need to let it dry out in the oven in order to remove the moisture and make the kibble crunchy, the drier the kibble becomes, the more intense the flavour is and the less chance there is for spoilage. having an 18-x-13-inch cookie sheet, usually found at cooking supply stores, makes the process easier, since you can fit all the kibble on one sheet. you can also use a large pizza pan with holes in the bottom.

I love casseroles because they are easily filled with healthy ingredients, they will keep in the refrigerator for up to 5 days, and they freeze beautifully, I take single-serving portions, seal them in vacuum-sealed food storage bags, and store them in the freezer. when it comes time to defrost, I simply put a portion in the fridge the night before, and when ready to serve I place the bag in warm water to bring the meal to room temperature. you do not want to microwave your pet's food. it can become way too hot for them, and it destroys some of the vitamins and minerals you have worked so hard to include.

Kaptin's Krunchy Kibble Pumpkin and Veggie Kibble Lamb Kibble
Cordon Bleu with a Simple Twist Tasty Tuna Casserole Bandit's Beef Casserole
Ham Upside-Down Casserole    







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